Got any feedback to give us? Or, do you have a suggestion for a faith-oriented movie you’d like us to review? We want to hear from you!

Go ahead and e-mail us at, or leave a reply in the space below. We read everything that comes in. Even the spam.


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  1. Barbara Mohamed says:

    Thanks for your link on the Christian Volume site and we would love for you to check us out at the forum connected to this site where there are videos you can upload or have discussions with other friendly Christians .

    God Bless ,

    Christian Volume Forum ( Dusty )

    Administrator : Ryan Tomlinson

  2. John Bauman says:

    go check out if you haven’t already.

  3. Patty Clark says:

    It’s great to see a website dedicated to reviewing Christian movies. I would tend to trust your opinions more than a random reviewer on Amazon. How about a review for “The Mighty Macs” or “The Way”?

    • Cruciflicks says:

      Thank you for your kind feedback. We actually have “The Mighty Macs” and “The Way” in our queue to watch. We have a number of other films lined up to review first, but we’ll get to those two titles as soon as we can.

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