Each movie that we review is judged using a three-tier scale: Revelation, Purgatory and Exodus.

This rating indicates an outstanding film, or at least we thought it was. Used in a sentence, the review could read: “This movie was so good, it was a ‘Revelation’ in Christian filmmaking.”

This rating is given to a film that isn’t too good, but it’s not too bad, either. It’s stuck in movie “Purgatory.”

If you see this rating, avoid the film associated with it at all costs. To put it in conversational context: “This movie was so bad, it made me want to ‘Exodus’ the theater.”

We encourage you to rate the movies along with us! Vote on our polls included with each film review, and sound off on the comments section on each page. You’re not doing anything better with your time anyway, so why not?


Your Thoughts

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